Assets and Liabilities

There's some quote out there that says the things you do in your free time are the things that will either set you free or enslave you.

This is a powerful idea. For me, in order to live a long and meaningful life, I need to manage my resources well. Resources include abstract things like time and energy, but may also include more concrete things like money, collectible trading cards, and bananas.

Resources are managed by balancing two things:

1) Assets - things that help you gain more resources
2) Liabilities - things that cost you to lose resources

Assets help me earn more resources, i.e. financial investments, and rental properties. Liabilities cause me to lose resources, i.e. mortgage payments and unhealthy relationships.

So what are the biggest assets and liabilities in my life?

Time is my most valuable asset. With enough time, I can do anything. Absorb knowledge, assemble teams, enjoy life, reproduce, leave a legacy. In fact, I can actually turn this asset into other assets. Life experience, career capital, valuable relationships.

On the flip side, wasting time is my biggest liability. Watching TV, browsing Reddit, hesitating. Doing things I don't want to do, just because they're easier to do than the things I actually want to do. Procrastinating.