My 2020 Goals

In 2016, I graduated from college and entered the professional world as a software engineer in the Bay Area. I've been working for almost 4 years, developing my career, building up some relationships, and traveling a whole bunch. It's been a fun time, and I'm sincerely grateful that I have lived such a comfortable and healthy life.

Lately, I've been stumbling around, not knowing what I want to do, and constantly grasping for what I'm supposed to do. It makes me feel like a robot. I don't know how to understand or fix this vague feeling, but I'm going to try by not being afraid of doing what I want to do. Maybe that will lead me somewhere.

Starting this year, I want to better myself as a person in a few ways: I want to express myself more clearly and confidently. I want to work more diligently and deliver results reliably. I want to understand more about the world, and I want to improve the communities I'm a part of.

The reason I want to do these things is to get closer to the one thing I value more than anything else in this world: happy people around me.

I won't dive into the complexities of how I define happiness in this post, but I think it has something to do with me trying my best to do what I think is right.

The happier I am, the more I can help other people become happy too.


Increase Samsara's ability to serve its customers

As an employee of this quickly growing business, I impact a number of communities. Within the company, I help other employees become more productive by being knowledgeable and fun to work with. Externally, customers use Samsara to increase the sustainability and safety of their operations. This goal is about bringing joy to my teammates and adding real value to the world economy.

  1. Reduce compliance risk for customers using our product
  2. Decrease costs for us to operate our platform
  3. Lead a team in building a new feature
  4. Mentor a summer intern
  5. Be acknowledged as a Senior Software Engineer

Enjoy and share the game of Go

I love the game of Go because of its paradoxical nature and how it helps people communicate with each other. It's competitive because every game has a winner and a loser, but it's also cooperative because it's about two players having a conversation on the board about what they think is important. It's technical because you have to practice the logic of the game in order to get better, but it's also artistic because you often strategize and express yourself using a gut feeling formed from previous experience. There's a huge Go community in the world, but it's concentrated mostly in Asia, and I want to increase awareness of the game here so that I have more people to play with.

  1. Play in 3 AGA rated tournaments
  2. Bring at least 1 friend to play in two tournaments
  3. Help at least one person reach ≥ 15kyu ability
  4. Attend 20 community Go club meetups
  5. Reach 1 Dan (AGA) strength by July 1st, 2020

Improve my budgeting ability

This goal is about improving my financial literacy and awareness. Money is potential energy, and I think that understanding how this energy can be accumulated and moved around is super helpful as a basic skill. I also have some financial milestones that I want to reach: purchase a house somewhere in the next 2-5 years, plan a fun vacation for my family every year, and save enough to have the option to retire early.

  1. Save more than 60% of my take-home pay per month
  2. Track largest and smallest costs per month
  3. Track most profitable assets per month
  4. Track progress towards 3 financial goals (buying a house, travel budget, retirement)

Diversify my income streams

Someday I will be my own boss and an entrepreneur. I want this because I want to be able to spend my time on things that I think are important to the world. I can't always do that when my paycheck is coming from another person and I'm working for that person's goals. Although I'm not yet ready to take the step to go all-in on building my own ideas (because I don't know what those ideas are yet), I think I'll be able to figure it out someday. In the meantime, I'm going to experiment with mini-entrepreneurial efforts to start building a safety cushion for myself and learn some new skills.

  1. Sell 10 photoshoots
  2. Earn $50 in dividends per month from investments by the end of 2020
  3. Create a monetizable YouTube channel

Write more

I feel the most confident during times in my life when I have a regular habit of journaling and reflection. That habit has fallen through the cracks in recent years, but I want to bring it back, and I want to share it with others who care.

  1. Write a weekly newsletter and post it on my blog

There are a lot of goals here. I'm not sure I'll accomplish every one of them, and some of them might change over the course of the year, but if I spend my time wisely and stay focused, I will enjoy at least attempting all of these things. At the end of the day, the entire purpose of pursuing these goals is to help me be the best person I can be for the people around me that I love. The most important thing is that I can be caring, reliable, and useful to my loving family, my amazing friends, and most importantly, my dear Catherine.

I'd love to share my growth with you over time, so if you'd like to follow, drop your e-mail in the box on this site and I'll be providing regular updates.